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Villagers and Heroes F2P

Villagers and Heroes is a fantasy massive rpg where players can take on hundreds of quests, defeat hideous monsters and save this colourful world from disaster. Players can also have gardens, mine, trade and form guilds to explore the world with friends.

- Villages system
- Deep crafting, combat, and building mechanics
- Funny and casual gameplay
- Open world
- Village PvP
- Player-created dungeons
- Playable via Facebook
- Completely free

They are able to deal huge amounts of damage while standing heavy blows from the enemy, they rely on strength and epic weapons to crush their foes, they can be Defenders or Swift warriors at higher levels.
They master arcane powers over the elements and can unleash them to devastate their foes and support their allies, they can specialize into Fire wizard or Ice wizard.
They master the bows and the arrows, the ranged combat and evasive manoeuvres to keep their foes away, they can also ask for their pets to assist them at any given time, they can advance to Assassins or Rapid Hunters.
They are a weird combination of good and evil all together. They can protect themselves with holy shield and can wear cloth only, as they get higher level they can specialize as a Holy priest or as a Shadow priest.

Players can join their friends in villages where they have their own house and share the neighbourhood with their closest friends, they can then work together to improve and evolve the settlement adding new features and cosmetic items.
Players can further specialize their village following different paths, getting even to create their very own dungeon and compete against other villages on a world scale. Players can have animals in their plots and even gardens, they just have to take care of them regularly to improve them.

The complex crafting system allows players to create the gear they want for each situation, players can create potions, weapons and food as well, they need the required recipe, crafting station and tools though. Since they can have all professions there is no need to pick a favourite one and lose the fun of having the other ones. The only issue is that if they pick all the crafting skills they won't have room for the gathering skills therefore having to find alternative ways to get the materials.

The characters can auto-attack mos which doesn't cost spirit and deals damage accordingly to the weapon's damage, this is the most comfortable way of fighting but not the most efficient, players can use skills, talents, feats, potions and other consumables to improve their combat capabilities, there are hundreds of them so players must pick the right ones to be the best and beat the hard mobs they will find on their way to glory. This opens up a wide array of roles that characters can fulfil on every situation, full damage dealing, tanking or healing or just the basic ones.

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