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OGame is rts 6MMO browser game. You play the role of a planetary emperor directing how your resources are spent and the actions of entire fleets, trying to conquer the universe by beating other players.

Rewards system

By having a large battle over your planets there is chance that a moon will form from the debris. This moon allows you to spy on other planets’ fleets so that you can have the heads up on when to attack.

Alliances system

There are so many alliances in a universe and consequently there are a lot to choose from – whether you want an alliance for trading or protection or whatever. You can even start your own alliance if you want.

The resources

By getting resources from your planet (which happens continually) you are able to build new upgrades for your ships and create new buildings as well as upgrade your technology. As you progress in the game you will have an increasing amount of choices about what your resources are spent in.

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