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Metal Assault is a 2d shooter game that has several features including player vs player combat, cooperative game play, special quests and missions, single person rigs and more. There are four different game play modes across twelve different maps in the client-based shooter Metal Assault, each with varying degrees of intensity and difficulty. Test out your team player skills in Deathmatch, refine your combat skills in Practice, or use strategy in the Capture the Flag game mode.

You can raid the world with up to three different characters, customizing each with special armor and high-tech weaponry. There are four characters to choose from, including the well-rounded and balanced Carl, the fierce and bold Burton, the stealth-like and determined Marie, and the quick and nimble Ai. Choose the character that best suits your fighting style and begin your adventure in this 2D shooter. In certain game modes your character will be able to step aboard one of several vehicles including the four-seater Tomahawk743, the four-seater HMK-29 and the powerful one-seater Guardian-175.

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