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Ikariam F2P

In Ikariam you begin building your empire with just a small plot of undeveloped land on an expansive island. The first step will be to begin constructing various dwelling and other structures that will house your citizens and be used to store resources. Gathering resources is the most important part of building up your empire since they are needed for everything. As your empire slowly begins growing, you will have the opportunity to better your technology. You will have to rely less on the labor of your citizens, as machinery will begin to assist you.

Your workers can then be repurposed to explore the island around, collecting more resources to help your empire grow. If you have any surplus of resources, you can trade them with other players for money or perhaps something you lack of. As you begin to build your wealth, you will have more opportunities to upgrade your technology, expand your empire or conduct research at the in-game academy. When your empire becomes a decent size and power, you may become the target of jealous neighbors who would want to steal your land. You will have to be on the lookout for sign of trouble.

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