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ArcheAge is a next generation fantasy MMORPG introducing players to a fantasy sandbox world where they begin their journey on one of two continents: Nuia and Harihara. From there, everything else is up to the player, from what character they play, to where they go, and what they do once they get there.

The game promises to remove restrictions, especially concerning character classes and skills, while offering the best elements of classical MMORPGs: You may team up with friends to engage in PvP, craft items and tools to build your own house or castle, decorating it with self-made furniture.

- Giant fantasy game world
- Team up with others to build villages and ships to discover new worlds on the oceans.
- Forge guilds, build your own castle and defend it against sieges.
- Sandbox MMORPG to deliver the most unique experience ever, leaving a huge freedom to players
- No restrictions concerning character classes or skills
- Breathtaking graphics thanks to the CryEngine 3

ArcheAge will feature eight races on the whole, each with its own story and traits. Nuians, Elves, Fairies, and Dwarfs belong to the western continent faction while Hariharans, Ferres, the Returned, and the Warborn comprise the eastern continent faction.

The Game world of Ark is composed of three huge continents that are separated by a giant ocean containing countless undiscovered islands. The western continent of Nuia and the eastern continent of Harihara hold the birthplaces of the two warring factions. Those fierce battles culminate on the northern continent with furious castle sieges and ferocious territory occupations while pirates, a kraken and other monsters lurk on the seas.

There will be a day/night cycle as well as static and dynamic weather effects like rain, snow, wind, etc.
Players will only be able to travel between continents on ship; there won't be teleportation. Regardless of their preferences, they will find everything, they were always looking for: great PvE encounters, loads of PvP options and a huge open world.

Despite of restricting players to certain classes, ArcheAge allows them to choose three of altogether ten skill sets called “abilities”. Each ability comprised of a dozen unique skills will have levels and when characters level up after gathering experience points, the abilities will level up as well. It's possible to change abilities any time, the new ability will start from level 1 though. However, by constantly levelling up, all abilities will eventually reach the highest level. Hence, you can fully learn all ten abilities, although only three can be used at the same time.

The ten abilities are the following: Combat (melee fighting skills), Fortification (defensive skills), Calling (rogue skills), Magic (offensive magic skills), Will (offensive and defensive magic skills), Vocation (ranged combat skills), Death (offensive dark magic, damage over time), Conjury (magic control, debuffs), Artistry (strengthening magic, bard skills), and Devotion (healing spells).

Crafting will play an important role for ArcheAge players. There's a complex crafting system. Materials and necessaries for crafting can either be gathered or purchased from merchants who also sell recipes. Additionally, players may need a workbench, a forge, a model, etc. depending on the profession.

Moreover, the game incorporates a labour system which has been implemented for balance reasons between casual players and other ones who keep playing during longer periods. Labour power is needed for production, construction, crafting and entertainment activities. High-level users can use their labour power in more luxurious activities (such as going to a dance party) and also purchase the labour power of lower level users for crafting.

Combat in ArcheAge is of a point and click style and offers a lot of different options: You will be able to do battle with ships, while being on horseback, etc. In general, PvP between players from the same alliance will only be allowed in certain zones or situations and otherwise be treated as a crime and can be put on trial. Blood will be used as evidence in convicting someone of murder. The western continent is considered a PvP continent that won't have a jail so blood and murder won't matter, it is more of a free for all area where players can make their own factions and take over resources.

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